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Oh the places we’ll go!

Summer is nearing, and with it come those mid-lecture daydreams of travel. For some, visions of an idyllic European getaway dance through their heads. For others, bucket list travel may look like an adventurous road trip or a rugged hiking adventure through some of Canada’s national parks. Where do McGill students dream of travelling? The Tribune talked to some students to learn more about some of their bucket list travel spots. 

“I’d really like to go back to Indonesia. A couple of years ago, my family and I went to Bali, and I really enjoyed it. So it would be fun to go back and do that again or see some other areas with friends or with my sister [….] I’ve never been to other eastern Asian cities. I think a place like Tokyo or somewhere like that could be fun. But there’s so much out there; it’s hard to pick!” – Zola Campisi, U1 Science

“I think it would be really cool to go to Newfoundland and do some camping trips in some of the parks there. I really like hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and that kind of thing.” – Liam Foese, U2 Arts

“I would love to travel and spend a couple of weeks in South America and visit Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, and Brazil. The coastlines and landscape there seem beautiful and there’s a lot of history and ancient ruins I would love to explore. I plan to spend a semester in Colombia next year to learn Spanish and continue to learn more about South America! I think it would also be cool to visit more of South and South Eastern Asia at some point. Those cultures are also super interesting and I’m a geography minor, so the new master-planned cities interest me.” – Sonali Cowieson, U2 Arts and Science

“I would really like to visit my cousin in Tokyo, see the cherry blossoms during the day [….] At night, my cousin promised he’d take me to his favourite bars and to the karaoke bar Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray sing at in the movie, Lost in Translation.” – Emilia Oliver, U2 Science

“My bucket list travel plans would be to visit countries in Southeast Asia. In the past, I feel like I’ve only ever really travelled to countries that have very Western cultures, so I want to get the chance to see something different. It might sound stupid, but in particular, I really want to visit Cambodia because I really like the food there!” – Iona Wyper, U3 Science

“One of my bucket list trips right now would be hiking the mountains in Peru and Argentina just because I’ve seen so many pretty photos and astrophotography photos from trails up in this area. I would also like to visit this park in Northern Canada called Auyuittuq National Park which is only accessible by boat for part of the year and requires guides to protect you from the polar bears. I saw the mountains while I was flying over the Park and it looked insane, so it’s an eventual goal to go there. These places are fairly remote and hard to find, but in the shorter term, I’d love to go visit Churchill which is the polar bear capital of the world and do some backpacking in the mountains in Norway. I really like travelling to get to see new parts of the world that you can’t really see anywhere else and I really love hiking, the mountains, and the ocean.” – Tristan Stevens, U3 Science

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