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Out on the Town: Café M opens in lower plateau

After opening its doors this past Jan. 25, Café M has already became a favourite among the lower plateau neighbourhood. Situated on Avenue des Pins, Café M is an ideal place for anyone looking for good quality coffee and a relaxed atmosphere.

 Walter Guiet, the owner of Café M, did not delay when he decided to open the coffee shop. 

“I am very instinctive,” Guiet said. “Once I decided to open my café, it took me three days to find this location and two months’ worth of renovations and I was ready to entertain my first customer.”

Guiet said he aims to recreate an inviting and friendly coffee shop that welcomes any individual.

“I wanted to find the spirit of the small cafés I used to go to when I was a kid growing up,” Guiet said. “I’ll always remember this one café in Ireland. I stayed there for three weeks. Everyone knew each other and enjoyed each other’s company. That is what I want my café to be like.”

Guiet said he sees his customers as friends, not clients, and encourages his employees to engage with the people walking through his door.

“I want people to think, ‘I’m going to get coffee at my friend Walter’s,’ not just ‘I’m going to go get coffee at Café M,’” Guiet said.

Guiet has a strong connection to the coffees he offers, and only chooses those he supports.

“I fell in love with this coffee, ‘The Verve,’ when I was in New York and was inspired by the story and ‘peace and love’ vibe behind the brand,” Guiet said. “‘The Verve’ started off with these three guys in California [who] were obsessed with surfing and coffee and decided to launch their own line of coffee. I also believe in supporting local Montreal coffee bean roasters such as ‘Barrista.’” 

Guiet discovered that Montreal is an exigent city when it comes to coffee; however, individuals living in the city are ready to pay extra for good quality.

“People know their coffee; I can’t just sell them anything, since they won’t come back,” Guiet said. “I’m constantly developing my selection and looking at what my customers want in order to cater to their wishes. It seems to be working. I have received positive feedback with customers saying the coffee has just the right amount of bitterness.”  

Café M’s European flare is accentuated with its homemade soups and pastries. With brownies, gingerbread, and matcha muffins, Café M’s selection is always fresh and different every day. 

Finally, in accordance with his French upbringing in the Alps, Guiet offers a typical Alpine dish, called ‘Tartiflette.’

“Tartiflette is an Alpine dish made with onions, bacon bits, cream, and a choice of cheese toppings—feta or brie,” Guiet explained.

Overall, Café M brings a level of warmth and comfort to Montreal’s snowy streets, enhanced by its service, goods, and décor. The interior gives off a beach-like vibe, filled with Westfalias—specially converted Volkswagen camper vans that were popular in the 1950s—and surfboards. In the future, Guiet said that he hopes Café M will expand its menu, and already plans to create salads, smoothies, juices, and other healthier options for the spring and summer months. 

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