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Outfits for cancelled and postponed concerts

In its prime, Montreal was the place to be if you wanted to catch an electrifying concert. With names like The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, and Tyler, the Creator lined up to perform in 2022, it seemed like the revival of the Montreal concert scene was finally underway. Unfortunately, Omicron brought with it a wave of concert cancellations. In light of this, here’s a list of the outfits we might have worn to these concerts.

Men I trust

Formed by high school friends and Laval University graduates, this indie band holds a special place in many Montrealers’ hearts. Their soothing dream-pop melodies and 2000s electronic influence call for a loose, comfortable outfit that is casual but still tells people that you are indeed cool and artsy. Pair a neutral base layer—turtleneck, button-downs, and carpenter work pants—with a Carhartt jacket and rolled-up beanie. (To be honest, half of you already dress like this.)

The band has also said that the solitary confines of rural Quebec were influential in shaping their 2019 album Oncle Jazz. If you, too, wish to pay homage to this landscape, wear a monochromatic outfit with subdued tones of green to conjure the stretches of sloping green plains.

Montreal Symphony Orchestra 

We’re missing the symphony too. Though the Maison Symphonique concert hall remains without your presence for now, that doesn’t mean your elegant outfit for the night has to go to waste too. If you’re tuning in to the concert webcasts at home, why not take the opportunity to dress up in your fanciest suit, dress, and accessories—perhaps a blazer and nothing else? You might also visit the Schulich Music Building to snag a few outfit ideas from fellow student musicians familiar with orchestra fashion.  

The Weeknd

The Weeknd’s recent music has delivered a perfect soundtrack for the current times, replete with themes of chaos, nihilism, and the trappings of excess. Though we won’t be able to indulge in the madness with Abel, he’s luckily provided us with a manifold of personas with which to experiment. For a statement look to mirror his 2020 Save Your Tears mania get-up, throw on a red blazer with a pair of your coolest-looking leather gloves. Your bottoms can be any pair of black pants, but be sure to complement the hands with a heeled, black boot. Optional accessories include gray hair, plumped lips, botched fake cheekbones, and a wide, slightly creepy, smile. 

For a more low-key option, draw inspiration from the Weeknd’s 2011 album Echoes of Silence, made in this very city. The refraining lyric of the song Montreal—“Laisse tomber les filles”—should provide ample inspiration for your most sad-boy-in-love look. 

Tyler, the Creator

You better put your best fashion foot forward with this one because Tyler, the Creator is a style icon (he even has his own clothing line). With the concert scheduled for March 9, there’s no guarantee that it will take place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take a lesson or two from Tyler’s fashion books.

Pair a blond bowl cut with fresh pastels to channel the artist’s Igor character from his album of the same name. Or, if wigs aren’t your thing, try recreating the alternate cover of Tyler’s latest album, which features an oil painting of the rapper in a bright blue cardigan and hat, holding two vintage suitcases.

You might also choose a more ultra-realistic approach and take inspiration directly from Tyler’s tracks. Put on your glasses because all you need is 20/20 vision to manifest the lyrics from one of Tyler’s most famous songs.

Tame Impala

We’re crossing our fingers that this concert’s going to happen, but with the date set for March 10, we figured we might as well include it on this list. Besides, how could we resist the urge to put together an outfit for this psychedelic rock project

Despite popular misconceptions, Tame Impala is actually only made up of one person—Kevin Parker. And luckily, KP’s style is easy to recreate. Tie a bandana around long, straightened hair to replicate the Australian artist’s ‘do. No long hair? No problem! Just pull any tie-dye clothing you have out of the dark depths of your closet (we know it’s in there). You can also whip out your best Aussie accent for added effect. Or, for a more realistic look, try dressing up as an impala, the gazelle-like creature from which Tame takes its name.

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