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Student of the week

This week’s Student of the Week is Tricia Olson, a U2 double major in biology and computer science. She was nominated for her involvement in a wide range of McGill clubs. Some of her roles in clubs this year include vice president of Gamers’ Guild (a club about board and card games), advertising executive of the Symphonic Band Club, member of Epilogue Book Club, and member of the McGill Mafia Club (a club for the party game known as Mafia or Werewolf).


McGill Tribune: Do you have a favourite part about one of the clubs you are in? 

Tricia Olsen: Playing in wind quintet through band was loads of fun. I really liked getting to play in a small group, and I [didn’t have] the chance [to do so] in high school.


MT: Do you have a favorite piece of music that you’ve played with the band?

TO: [Anton Reicha’s] Op. 91, No. 4, the woodwind quintet, mostly because I felt we had it well polished by the time we got to the concert.


MT: What is your favourite game to play with the Guild?

TO: If we’re talking board games, probably Dominion, a deck building game.


MT: What is your dream job? 

TO: I like to think I could get into artificial intelligence research with my degree, but we’ll see. I could also be a trophy wife or wealthy heiress, if the opportunity arose.


MT: You’re having a good day. What would be your theme music? 

TO: The entire works of Bonobo—kind of a jazz-influenced electronic artist. It’s excellent music, but pretty low-key so I could concentrate on other things.


MT: Sherlock or Watson? 

TO: BBC’s Sherlock, the character, is great—clever, rude, and hilarious. That show is so well done; I love it.


MT: Favorite place to study on campus? 

TO: Hiding in the Gamers’ Guild office in SSMU.


MT: If you had a superpower what would it be? Would you be a hero or a villain? What would your name be?

TO: My superpower would be the ability to apparate*. I would be a minor villain who apparates into bank vaults and people’s houses to steal small amounts of money, so no one notices. But, I would still go by Tricia Olson because having a villainous name would likely attract attention.


MT: What website do you procrastinate on the most, excluding Facebook? 

TO: Reddit, by far.


MT: What would be your choice of weapon in the zombie apocalypse?

TO: A terrible virus to extinct humanity, because if there are no humans left, the zombies will all die of starvation from lack of brains! There are no flaws with this plan.


*For those not versed in Harry Potter terminology, apparating is a method of transportation akin to teleportation.

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  1. Leonardo Florez

    ” vice president of Gamers’ Guild ”

    Smiles to himself =D
    I know someone famous!
    I hope you actually read my comment!

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