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Selina Liu has been interested in sustainability for as long as she can remember. Currently a U3 student studying chemical engineering, she has been involved in various outlets to promote sustainability across the McGill community.

Last year, Liu served as the finance coordinator for the McGill Farmer’s Market. As one of four coordinators, she helped organize the market that takes place on McTavish every Thursday throughout the months of September and October. It allows local farmers to showcase and sell their products, which range from fresh, organic vegetables to different types of honey, bread, and tea.

“It gives an opportunity for farmers and students to interact,” Liu said. “It lets students become more aware of what they’re eating and where their food is coming from.”

Liu’s favourite thing about the market is that it brings together farmers and students in support of locally grown food. She said she feels it is important to support the agricultural community by either buying vegetables at the market or signing up for the Community Supported Agriculture baskets, which are baskets of locally sourced food.

“It’s great because you pay for the baskets up front, which eases the start-up costs for the farmers,” she explained. “It also makes sure you get fresh, seasonal vegetables for eight weeks. It’s convenient, and it’s a great learning experience because you get to learn what grows in your region, when different vegetables are ripe, and different ways of cooking them.”

Liu has also been a sustainability coordinator for the Engineering Undergraduate Society (EUS) for three years. This year she is starting a committee called the EUS Sustainability Commission, which aims to build a network of students and groups on McGill campus, specifically in engineering, who are involved in sustainability.

“The committee is about getting engineers to find their niche,” Liu said. “So many engineers are already passionate about sustainability, but don’t know all the ways that are out there that they can get involved.”

The committee will be the link between engineering students who share this interest and like-minded organizations that are looking for volunteers.

Liu hopes to organize a sustainability fair sometime in the future, where engineers can see all the different opportunities available to them.

“I’m very passionate about empowering engineers in the world of sustainability,” she said. “There is so much potential for engineers to get involved, both at McGill and after you’ve graduated.”

Her intention is that the committee will highlight how crucial engineers are to the creation of a sustainable society.

“Engineers are the ones who will be building the infrastructures and technologies that will allow us to take better care of the planet,” Liu said. “We’re such an important piece of the puzzle that most people don’t realize.”

Although Liu isn’t sure if she will pursue sustainability as a career, she knows that her passion for it will permeate into whatever field she chooses to follow.


What did you dress up as for Halloween?

A piece of bacon, which is funny because I’m actually a vegetarian for this semester.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Oatmeal. But only the large flake kind, not the instant kind.

Who’s your favourite TV character?

Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. Or the girls from “Girls.” Those are the only TV shows I’ve been watching recently.

What’s your favourite vegetable?


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