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Trottoir barré signs and fairy lights

For many university students, searching for off-campus housing can be difficult. Student housing can mean sharing a small, run-down space with holes in the walls and the occasional mouse sneaking around. Though most adults fear this, students today have embraced it as part of the university experience and cultivated creative ways to turn their temporary space into a cozy home. The McGill Tribune examined common styles of university decor and how they reflect their inhabitants.  

Fairy lights and foliage 

Abundant lighting and plentiful plants can help ease the stresses of a long day. This style may suggest a laid-back persona. Fake plants or succulents can indicate that someone is working to get their life on track, taking small steps while giving off the perception of having it together. On the flip side, real plants may suggest someone who is settled, has a functioning routine, and is ready for commitment and responsibility. In addition to the lights and plants, these individuals will likely have calendars and chore charts on their walls, suggesting an organized and smoothly running household. Fairy light owners and plant parents are known for hosting the best studying and late night cram sessions.

Stolen street signs and posters

A space full of street signs and dog-eared posters perfectly suits students who do not take themselves too seriously. These are generally adventurous students looking for a good time, who don’t shy away from small doses of risk taking. Anyone who spends time with this apartment’s inhabitants is inspired to jump outside their comfort zone. These tenants are social and free-spirited people who enjoy having company around. Therefore, this is generally the space where spontaneous ideas flourish. These apartments are always busy and double as the perfect location for house parties and gatherings. The constant flow of people and the calm, cool, and collected attitude of its residents might result in a cluttered space, but regardless of the mess, these apartments and their tenants are always adored by those passing though.

Photos and mementos

A photo wall can indicate a nostalgic, yet optimistic personality. It is likely they are highly ambitious and use their photos and mementos as motivation to continuously work hard for their loved ones. These apartments house grounded, down-to-earth students and are great spaces to vent with friends. Though there may be books strewn around and cluttered desks, the best listeners and most loyal of friends reside in these apartments. These walls have heard the best late-night deep talks, making their tenants the optimal company for movie nights and de-stressing days. 

DIY decor 

Finding alternative ways to decorate can indicate a creative and adaptable personality. A study in Reader’s Digest found that DIY-ers are often more inspired and welcome change more easily than others. The residents of this apartment can take any mundane situation and turn it into a good time. These DIY projects can be simple, like taking an old bottle of wine and turning it into a vase, or more extravagant, like painting lamp shades or creating makeshift shelves. The ability to allocate time to DIY projects may indicate someone who can turn their procrastination into productivity. These apartments house the most versatile group of individuals, making these students the perfect company to study with during the week and to party with on the weekends. These imaginative apartments radiate a welcoming vibe, resulting in lots of impromptu visitors. 

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