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Warming up near campus: ‘The Tribune’s’ recommendations for soup

It’s 6 p.m., the sun has already set, you have 10 pages left to write for your essay, and the t-shirt you left the house in this morning isn’t protecting you from the cold—you need soup. So grab your spoons or chopsticks, as The Tribune highlights some nearby soup spots. 

Soupe Café

Distance: On campus

With midterms season transitioning into finals season, you shouldn’t have to take time out of your day to walk across the city for a nice bowl of soup. Soupe Café has three locations on campus: Burnside Hall, the Education Building, and the Sports Complex. Offering a different kind of soup every day, veggie and meat options alike, it’s the perfect place to go to in between classes (or even during your lecture’s 10 minute break). 

Vinh’s Café

Distance: On campus

Another campus icon, Vinh’s has become a go-to option for students looking for delicious but affordable sandwiches. What some might not know, or at least haven’t yet tried, is that Vinh’s has flavourful pho. With two locations, the Genome Building and the Strathcona Music Building, chances are that Vinh’s is only a stone’s throw away. Just don’t forget to bring your sandwich punch card. 

Nouilles Zhonghua

Distance: 1 minute on foot

A favourite for many McGilians, this Sherbrooke spot specializes in Chinese soups with hand-pulled noodles. Zhonghua offers a wide variety, from beef and pork to vegetarian options like tofu. This establishment is sometimes a victim of its own success, as long lines can form—it’s advisable to go during off-peak hours.


Distance: 8 minutes by transit, 20 minutes on foot

Though it may be closer to Concordia than McGill, I AM PHO remains a great choice for Vietnamese soup. Served quickly and portioned generously, the soup packs an umami punch that will leave you satisfied for your impending three-hour lecture. Not to mention, they are open from Sunday to Wednesday, until 11:45 p.m. and from Thursday to Saturday, until 2:30 a.m.—making it ideal for those long nights at the library. 

Tsukuyomi Ramen

Distance: 10 minutes by transit, 15 minutes on foot

Despite the tough competition, Tsukuyomi has some of the best ramen near campus. This establishment is on Bishop, though there are also outposts in the Mile-End and Bois-Franc. It is a great choice for those who want options: From chicken to miso to tofu, there are bowls that cater to everyone’s taste, and plenty of vegan options to boot. 


Distance: 5 minutes on foot

Believe it or not, your favourite fancy salad restaurant also offers soups. Their selection consists of matzo ball soup, vegan peanut butter and lentil soup, and butternut squash soup, the latter only available in October and November. If one of these three happens to be your favorite, or if you find stress in decision-making, Mandy’s is the soup spot for you. 

Olly Fresco’s

Distance: 5 minutes on foot

Another affordable option merely a few minutes away from campus is Olly Fresco’s, located under the Simon’s on St. Catherine. Simply walk in and choose your favorite soup from a fairly decent selection of options, including chili, chicken noodle soup, and potato bacon soup. Since you’re serving yourself, you can be in and out in minutes—quick, easy, and delicious soup. 

Olive et Gourmando

Distance: 15 minutes by transit, 20 minutes on foot

Located a bit further away from campus, this Old Port establishment is best known for its sandwiches, but don’t let that fool you; their soup of the day is worthy of the trek. Whether it’s black bean, tomato, or green chili, it’s sure to be comforting on those cold days. 

Dishonourable mention: Tim Horton’s

Distance: It doesn’t matter

Everyone loves the convenience of the Tim Horton’s on Sherbrooke and University, only a few minutes away from most of your classes. It’s a beloved Canadian classic, good for coffees and pastries, but their meals leave more to be desired. If you need a second warm liquid to complement your caffeinated drink, Tim’s offers a “two birds, one stone.” But come on, we’ve listed other options. You deserve nice things.

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