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Where to munch on campus when crunched for time

1. Super Sandwich

Where: 1115 Sherbrooke Street West  (basement of the Le Cartier building) 

What: A hidden dep-turned-eatery that promises to deliver a sandwich within 15 seconds. This is mainly owing to the minimal toppings they offer and the ample practice they have in the art of making sandwiches. From crab meat, ham, and tuna to egg and cheese, there is a sandwich option for everyone. The best part is their bread, fresh and toasted to perfection. And to add to the list of things that we love about this place, their sandwiches are priced between $2.75 and $5! Having a Super Sandwich is considered a rite of passage for McGill students, and, because of their quick service and convenient location, it is the perfect meal to grab between classes.

2. Quesada

Where: 475 Sherbrooke Street West (inside the Carrefour Sherbrooke residence)

What: A well-known campus eatery with tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos, and burrito bowls on its Mexican-inspired menu. The food is prepared right in front of you, so if you’re pressed for time, this is a great grab-and-go meal spot. Each item on the menu is highly customizable, with different meat and vegetarian options to choose from. It will cost you approximately $10-13, so it doesn’t weigh too heavily on the pockets—and you can also use your meal plan dollars for it. We also recommend this place because of its convenient location and nice outdoor patio for when you want to work outdoors on a breezy, fall day—even their indoor seating is quite comfortable. A side tip: Ask for extra sauce once they prepare your meal; they usually dole it out for free!

3. Sansalizza 

Where: 3576 Ave du Parc, opposite New Residence Hall

What: A fast food restaurant that offers pizzas, sandwiches, burgers, fries, and poutine in different sizes and flavours. The pizzas and the tandoori chicken sandwich are some of their most popular dishes. The restaurant also offers a make-your-own-pizza option where you can choose from their many toppings and craft a pie suited to your specific cravings. Sansalizza also offers halal meat for those who prefer it. A bonus of this fast food place is that it accepts the McGill OneCard dollars, so if you’re a student on the meal plan or have leftover dollars from the previous year, this is a great option! But, even without the OneCard, a meal here ranges from $10-15.

4. Frostbite

Where: McConnell Engineering (on the ground floor, inside the EUS mall)

What: A student-run ice cream shop with a range of delightful flavours and really good prices. Conveniently located inside the engineering building, you can quickly snag a scoop or two between lecture breaks. From waffle cones to six-scoop cups, they have a size that fits all (ice cream version). With 30 flavours on their menu, you are sure to find something that suits your taste buds, although their pralines and cream is a personal favourite. Their two-scoop baby cup costs $3, and their six-scoop, extra-large cup costs only $5.50! On top of this, they offer some really fun discounts, including toonie Tuesday (where a baby cup is only a toonie and two quarters), and, if you fail a midterm, they offer ice cream on the house to help cheer you up. Their usual opening hours are 12-6 p.m. on weekdays, and, for this week, they’re offering a $0.50 discount on all cones, so scoop that deal up right now! 

5. Other eateries to check out: 

  1. Subway in the basement of the Arts Building (or the submarine-themed one across Stewart Bio on 1100 Dr. Penfield): Another great grab-and-go meal option
  2. Gerts Bar and Café on 3480 McTavish Street: For when you have the time to sit and eat or want some drinks with cringey names
  3. Lola Rosa Café on 545 Rue Milton: Cute restaurant serving vegetarian and vegan meals
  4. McGill Pizza on 645 Rue Milton: An inexpensive and old-school McGillian spot for delicious brunch and pizza
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