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Wonderful washrooms of McGill

McGill is a challenging environment for many students, primarily because of its rigorous academic atmosphere, hilly terrain, and severe scarcity of washrooms. Lining up to use the first floor Redpath washroom is a bitter and constant struggle. However, for those who appreciate the finer things in life, there are a number of more prestigious lavatories available if you simply go looking for them. To help students find their ideal washroom experience, The McGill Tribune explored the bowels of McGill’s Downtown campus to compile a list of the university’s best secret bathrooms.

Old Faithful (McLennan, 6th floor)

Finding paper towel in a McGill washroom is almost as rare as finding a room in SSMU without asbestos. However, nestled between library archives and the graduate study room on the sixth floor of McLennan Library lies a hidden paradise: A private, gender-neutral washroom, with an abundance of paper towels, vast leg room, and strangely romantic lighting. After a difficult day of studying, this roomy-yet-cozy lavatory is the perfect place to treat yourself and practice some “Hygiene de vie.”

Close to Home (McConnell Engineering basement)

It is often upon their first steps on campus that one realizes they have made a terrible mistake, needing to use the washroom just minutes before rushing to a midterm. Luckily, right by the Milton Gates, in the westernmost wing of the McConnell Engineering Building, is a beautiful basement washroom that showcases the benefits of the industrial revolution. Its rustic engineering vibe and incredible level of cleanliness makes the entire experience delightful. Such true ingenuity can only be expected from the great minds of the Faculty of Engineering, which brought us our beloved OAP.

Suze’s Spot (James Administration Building)

While most students won’t get to meet our principal and high-ranking administrative staff until graduation for a speedy handshake, experiencing the building in which they work is an honour in itself. Although this washroom may be the most difficult for the average student to access, it is definitely worth the effort. If you manage to get by the security guard who is scarier than the manager of Apt. 200, head up the main stairwell and take a peek into the second-floor facilities. What the James Administration washroom may lack in ventilation, good lighting, and paper towels, it makes up for with the sense of prestige that nowhere else on campus can really offer.

An Apple a Day (McIntyre Medical Building, 2nd floor)

A visit to the washroom can be a rather troubling experience, leaving you with concerns that may be best suited for your family physician. After a sweaty walk up the mountain, make your way to the McIntyre Medical Building and take the elevator up to the second floor to enjoy a washroom with a ventilation system that would definitely be recommended by at least nine out of 10 doctors. If you leave with issues that can’t be blamed on your reduced-price Quesada burrito, find one of the many students walking around in lab coats and let them know what’s on your mind.


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