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Word on the Y: What does balance mean to you?

As midterms approach, the concept of ‘balance’ may begin to seem increasingly elusive. Navigating university life is no easy task, but remembering to keep the big picture in mind is one of the biggest lessons students learn during their time at McGill. The McGill Tribune asked passers-by at the Y-intersection about how they define a balanced life. 

(Noah Sutton / The McGill Tribune)

Mary Lynn, U1 Arts

“When I think of [balance], I mostly think of school [and] having balance between my work life and my social life [….] Just being able to have a hold on different aspects of my life. Taking time for myself, taking time for people that matter to me, my friends and my family, going to yoga class.”

(Noah Sutton / The McGill Tribune)

Mihir Kumar, U0 Engineering

“Balance is […] quite important, especially when you’re coming to a really good university like McGill. [Balance is juggling] studies and social work, and it’s quite important.”

(Noah Sutton / The McGill Tribune)

Jacques Campeau, MA French Literature ‘73

“[Balance means] a few things. It can be a sign of astrology [….] For me, balance means […] psychological, [physical,] and emotive stability.”

(Noah Sutton / The McGill Tribune)

Jérémie Alcindor, U0 Science

“Balance means staying healthy in what you do and trying to do as much as you can that’s healthy for your body, so exercising, getting a lot of sleep and staying focused in your studies.”

(Noah Sutton / The McGill Tribune)

Benjamin Joannette-Pilon, U0 Science

“I’d say balance is just [practicing] stuff in different spheres, […] to practice a sport, or to play an instrument, or [to] have a social life, and go to school as well.”

(Noah Sutton / The McGill Tribune)

Xu Tian, U0, Science

“[Balance means] I can control all the things in my life,  [that] I know what will happen and I [don’t] feel nervous.”

(Noah Sutton / The McGill Tribune)

Kaila Folinsbee, Staff, Office of Sponsored Research

“There’s physical balance, where you have your equilibrium, or there’s work-life balance [….] I guess it means that you have a couple of things in equal proportion.”

(Noah Sutton / The McGill Tribune)

Hubert Corriveau, U3 Science

“[Balance] means [keeping] a good level of stressful things and fun things, and trying to find the good equilibrium point.”

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