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Word on the Y: What’s your favourite Halloween memory?

When it comes to Halloween memories, everyone has had their share of tricks and treats. The McGill Tribune talked to students passing by the Y-Intersection about their spine-tingling, sugar-filled, sentimental recollections of Halloweens past.

(Gabriel Helfant/ The McGill Tribune)

Sophie Sklar, U0 Arts

“[I remember] always carving a pumpkin. That was like, the big shabang with all of my cousins. [Also] trick-or-treating. All the kids on my block would dress in a group costume, and then we would drive to the rich [neighbourhoods] to get full-sized candy bars.”

(Gabriel Helfant / The McGill Tribune)

Kevin Judras, U3 Psychology

“My favourite Halloween memories are with my father. [We would] get some [pumpkins], carve them up, and give candy to children.”

(Gabriel Helfant / The McGill Tribune)

Taylor Burnett, U2 Anthropology

“My mom used to do group Halloween costumes for me and my siblings. For three years in a row, she was Cruella de Vil and me and my little sisters were all dalmatian puppies. [101 Dalmatians] was one of my favourite movies, so I appreciate that she put in effort. She walked me and my twin and my younger sister around the neighbourhood in our little dog costumes.”

(Gabriel Helfant / The McGill Tribune)

Vishwaa Ramkrishnan, U0 Arts

“[I love] Kit Kat bars. [I remember] digging through candy [bags] for Kit Kat bars. Once the Kit Kat bars are [gone], basically Halloween is over. Nowadays I don’t go trick-or-treating as much, I just steal [Kit Kats] off my sister.”

(Gabriel Helfant / The McGill Tribune)

Milton Calderon, U2 International Development and Economics

“My friend Josh and I […] we would go around the neighborhood with our bag and collect candy. It was sweet. Sometimes we would give out candy. I remember one time I was a zombie and I cut my shirt and my sisters painted my face, so that was chill.”

Sanchit Gupta, U2 Ecnomics

“A bunch of my friends, we went to a house that never celebrates Halloween […] and rang the doorbell and sprinted down the street. [The owner of the house] got in his car and followed us. After that, we never went back there.”

(Gabriel Helfant / The McGill Tribune)

Harriet Yan, U3 Physiology

“One year, my best friend and I dressed up as giant babies and it was the best Halloween ever. That was when we were in high school. It was a really silly costume and we had a lot of fun. We got a lot of weird looks from people in public because we went to school in them.”

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