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SSMU BoD ratifies motion to support UBC Trans Coalition Letter to StudentCare

The Students’ Society of McGill University’s (SSMU) Board of Directors (BoD) met on Jan. 11 to discuss the Executive Committee Report and Nominating Committee Report—tasked with evaluating candidates for the International Student Representative position—as well as a confidential session.  Chair Jonathan Dong conducted the meeting, bringing attendants through the agenda[Read More…]

SSMU BoD ratifies motion for VP Finance by-election

The second Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Board of Directors (BoD) meeting of the fall semester was called to order on Sept. 20. The meeting’s public session included discussions of board members’ committee membership obligations and confirmation that the motion to hold a by-election to fill the currently-vacant vice-president[Read More…]

Students challenge SSMU Board of Directors’ authority to add GA quorum Referendum

“We are concerned about the power currently held by the Board of Directors—an unelected body whose power has been increased through constitutional amendments in the past few years,” Kirwin wrote. “This referendum question was brought by the BoD unconstitutionally, and as SSMU members, we must insist that constitutional modes of decision-making are upheld, and that power is not taken from the General Assembly and consolidated at the top of the ladder.”

SSMU Vice-President Finance suspended from the SSMU Board of Directors

The Board approved a motion mandating SSMU General Manager Ryan Hughes to investigate alleged leaks to student media during their Sept. 24 meeting. At the Oct. 16 meeting, Hughes presented the findings of his investigation to the Board. SSMU President Muna Tojiboeva, VP Internal Maya Koparkar, and VP Student Life Jemark Earle were asked to leave the SSMU boardroom for the length of the closed session, and Khan, who was attending the Blueprints for Success conference in Los Angeles on behalf of SSMU, was absent from the meeting entirely.

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