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Unlocking the brain’s potential through neuroplasticity and amblyopia treatment

The term ‘neuroplasticity’ never fails to incite intrigue. It involves structural and functional transformations within the brain as a way to adapt, often in response to interactions with the environment. Over the past decades, the concept of neuroplasticity has gained substantial traction in neuroscience, offering novel insights and opening up[Read More…]

Call off the search for a “normal” brain

A “normal” brain—also termed “neurotypical”—has long been used in cognitive science research as a benchmark for brain activity comparisons. But this distinction between brains actually limits neuroscience research and has long escaped the notice of experts. Jakub Kopal, a postdoctoral fellow in neuroscience at McGill, researches the effect of genetic[Read More…]

Leading Canadian neurosurgeon recommends ban on body checking in hockey until age 18

In light of the revelation about the mishandling of Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion, conversations about the role of concussions in many sports, especially youth hockey, have been reinvigorated. Dr. Charles Tator, a prominent Canadian neurosurgeon, Order of Canada recipient, and director of the Canadian Concussion Centre (CCC) at[Read More…]

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