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Pop Dialectic: When should the most wonderful time of the year begin?

With Thanksgiving and Halloween behind us, the holiday season in Canada has officially begun. For some international students, though, American Thanksgiving will delay the onslaught of holiday music that has already found its way into grocery stores and Spotify playlists. This week, The McGill Tribune weighs in on one of our[Read More…]

It’s November—Merry Christmas!

Today, there are exactly 48 days until Christmas. But, the most wonderful time of the year has already begun. The day after Halloween, stores switch out their cobwebs and witch hats for cheery window displays with fake snow and tinsel filling their fronts. The candy aisles transform, too, from cheap[Read More…]

In defence of Ebenezer Scrooge

As the holiday season becomes more distant, reflecting on the value of a particular Christmas trope is no less valuable. If Christmas is the season of selflessness, then surely one of the great symbols of Christmas is Ebenezer Scrooge. Contrary to common belief, however, he should be known for his[Read More…]

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