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Breaking down the SSMU GA motions

Motion Regarding the Procurement of Products Containing Conflict Minerals This motion concerning divestment from sourcing of conflict-free minerals from Congo was moved by Ceci Steyn, U2 Arts. “I moved this motion because while many other divestment movements are well known, most people aren't aware that the minerals in their electronics[Read More…]

Live updates from the Winter 2016 SSMU GA

Can't be at the Students' Society of McGill University (SSMU) Winter 2016 General Assembly (GA)? We've got you covered with live updates. There are a variety of motions being discussed. Additionally, the GA will also see a discussion regarding whether McGill should be a smoke-free campus. The Tribune Editorial Board has also made[Read More…]

SSMU General Assembly

SSMU GA a scapegoat for misplaced priorities

The Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU)’s General Assembly (GA) is defunct. The main forum actively connecting McGill’s student body to its representative council has apparently run its course. The failure of the Fall 2015 GA to reach quorum, and the whopping zero motions submitted, confirms the collapse; however, proposals[Read More…]

SSMU GA fails to meet quorum

Quorum was not met at yesterday’s General Assembly (GA), held by the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU). With less than 100 attendees, no motions were brought forward from the floor that required voting. The Winter 2015 and Fall 2014 GAs saw attendances of 550 and 700 students respectively. Kareem[Read More…]

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