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Physical books are worth their cost

The holiday season is approaching, and as many people start the scramble to find gifts for loved ones, friends, or coworkers, a harsh discovery awaits them. Tried and true, books have remained one of the best gifts to give on any occasion, the perfect balance between thoughtful and casual. However,[Read More…]

Spending the holidays with chosen family

For many, this holiday season was spent away from loved ones. At a time when uniting with  family feels especially pertinent, the realities of the pandemic remain stark. Nonetheless, students adapted, finding comfort in friends, roommates, and themselves.  Ollie F., U3 Arts, spent the holidays with their roommate and boyfriend.[Read More…]

Pop Dialectic: When should the most wonderful time of the year begin?

With Thanksgiving and Halloween behind us, the holiday season in Canada has officially begun. For some international students, though, American Thanksgiving will delay the onslaught of holiday music that has already found its way into grocery stores and Spotify playlists. This week, The McGill Tribune weighs in on one of our[Read More…]

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