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The Oscars 2.0

The Oscars Remixed Since the Oscar nominations were announced last Tuesday, an enormous amount of articles have been written about the snubs, surprises, and everything in between. And while it may be interesting and worthwhile to debate the artistic merits of films such as Past Lives or The Zone of[Read More…]

Oscars 2022 Fashion Roundup

In spite of falling ratings, one recent trend of contemporary Academy Awards ceremonies has steadily risen in popularity—fashion commentary. Millions of creators across social media channel their inner Miranda Priestly each year to judge the always extravagant, sometimes ostentatious outfits worn by celebrities on different red carpets throughout the night.[Read More…]

The most egregious snubs from our list of the most egregious Oscar snubs

Due to the significant outrage sparked by our previous “Oscar Snubs” list, and the end of Oscar season forecasting a barren eight months for movie thinkpieces, The McGill Tribune is proud to present our latest innovation in the Oscar-related content you crave. Welcome to The McGill Tribune’s Oscar Snubs Snubs. The[Read More…]

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