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Art imitating art

Photographing wildlife is not only my primary hobby, but my passion. Nothing beats the thrill of finding an animal, the adrenaline of setting up a shot, and the reward of taking a successful picture. When I look at the collection of photographs I have taken, I am awestruck by the[Read More…]

Let’s go for a walk

Before the pandemic, I relieved my stress by chugging beer from a regulation Sleeman cup. Now, I go for walks. Which one is healthier? I couldn’t tell you.    Whether I am sad, happy, overwhelmed, or lonely, I go for a walk. These days, all I do with my free[Read More…]

Commemorating the past through the present

Photography has always been an interest of mine, especially the old, black-and-white photos capturing the past. While historical sources are often charged with biases, photography can depict the past through a clearer picture. There is no better example than the evolving city of Montreal. The endless summertime construction prompts us[Read More…]

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