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Secretly freeing the nipple: @wearenipscapes challenges instagram censorship regulations

@wearenipscapes is an Instagram account dedicated to challenging the sexualization and censorship of female nipples. The page consists of pictures of beautiful landscapes with subtle nipple additions, usually hidden somewhere in the corner. The McGill Tribune recently spoke with Sally Maxwell, U3 Science and founder of @wearenipscapes, about her inspiration[Read More…]

Into the Deep: Honduran scuba divers brush with ‘mermaids’ in Liwa Mairin photography exhibit

The Liwa Mairin photography exhibit, taking place at the Maison du Développement Durable, showcases an unfamiliar terrain, the depths of the sea. The exhibit is being presented by documentary photographer Valérian Mazataud in collaboration with Handicap International, which is a non-profit organization that uses donations to support more than 2[Read More…]

Duo Nouveau MUPPS

The McGill University Photography Students’ Society’s Retrospective in retrospect

The McGill University Photography Students’ Society (MUPSS) celebrated their first annual exhibit last Wednesday entitled Retrospective. Featuring the work of McGill students in both film and digital prints, Retrospective was well-attended and met with high praise from both the McGill community and the general public. The exhibit itself was low-key—the[Read More…]

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