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Senate discusses plans for internationalization

Last Wednesday’s McGill Senate meeting saw discussions on the role of McGill in providing higher education to refugees, McGill’s strategy for internationalization, as well as a presentation on the current state of research misconduct within the university. Access to education for refugees During the previous Senate meeting, a question was[Read More…]

The summer slide

Summer marks a pause in the academic year. It’s a time for students to recharge after a hectic semester and forget about school for a few months. Unfortunately, this can also mean forgetting a sizable chunk of the previous year’s work. This phenomenon, known as the “summer slide,” is well-documented[Read More…]

Research Briefs—March 31, 2015

  A visual dictionary Recent research published in The Journal of Neuroscience by researchers from Georgetown University has preseanted the mechanism underlying how humans read. The researchers found that instead of breaking down words into sounds and meanings, our brains visually imagine the word first. The collaboration of scientists conducting[Read More…]

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