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Campus Conversations: Solidarity

Solidarity beyond interest-convergence  Fanta Ly, Features Editor  Solidarity is trending at McGill. The “historical anomaly” of the current mobilization lies in the diversity of positionalities standing against power. As a result, the face of those calling for solidarity is diversifying beyond specific student groups to encompass large portions of the[Read More…]

The process is the protest

Between March 7 and March 18, organizers from Divest McGill occupied the McCall MacBain Arts Building to protest McGill’s multi-million dollar investments in the fossil fuel industry, calling on McGill to confront their complicity in settler-colonialism, white supremacy, and capitalism.  Over the past two weeks, Divest not only called attention[Read More…]

SSMU’s BoD should resist, not assist McGill’s repression of student activism

On Feb. 16, 90 per cent of students at the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) General Assembly – Consultative Forum voted to adopt the Divest for Human Rights Policy. The Policy mandates SSMU to campaign against McGill University’s investments in corporations complicit in colonial land theft, environmental destruction, war[Read More…]

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