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Trib Mix: Dad Rock

You’ve seen the hordes of white middle-aged men longing for the days when music was loud, men were men, guitar solos were long, and the word “rock” was a verb. You’ve seen the YouTube comment sections packed to the brim with 12-year-olds claiming to be born in the “wrong generation.”[Read More…]

Trib Mix: Songs for lovers at McGill

Being distracted in class while thinking about your significant other Song: A Dreamy Day of Daydreaming of You (2001) Artist: Of Montreal As it’s title suggests, this soft, piano-driven song encapsulates the mood of a blissful daydream. The dragging chords and the band frontman Kevin Barnes’ hypnotic, honey-like vocals invite[Read More…]

Trib Mix: Comeback / Clapback

January doesn't have to be all about New Year's Resolutions and turning yourself into a perfect being of health, holiness, and forgiveness. If anything, it's the perfect month for rising from the ashes and taking charge of everyone and everything around you. This month, the editors at the McGill Tribune have compiled their best[Read More…]

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