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Trib Mix: Dad Rock

You’ve seen the hordes of white middle-aged men longing for the days when music was loud, men were men, guitar solos were long, and the word “rock” was a verb. You’ve seen the YouTube comment sections packed to the brim with 12-year-olds claiming to be born in the “wrong generation.” Now listen to the music. Hidden behind the big hair and cheese-drenched machismo are some of the catchiest songs of the 1970s. A playlist featuring Bruce Springsteen’s teenage mythology and Heart’s pagan fantasies might require a suspension of disbelief, but give these songs an inch and they’ll give you a mile. Like the best Dads, these songs may be deeply uncool but they will always be silly, fun, and gleefully benign. Besides, deep down, you know you love that guitar line in “The Boys are Back in Town.” Sometimes, father knows best.



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