Oh the places we’ll go!

Summer is nearing, and with it come those mid-lecture daydreams of travel. For some, visions of an idyllic European getaway dance through their heads. For others, bucket list travel may look like an adventurous road trip or a rugged hiking adventure through some of Canada’s national parks. Where do McGill[Read More…]

On the (internship) hunt

“What are your summer plans?” As 12-degree days start to make their way back to Montreal, so too does the topic of summer plans. How about an internship?   While internship application periods vary depending on the field, late winter can often be a busy period with many job openings being[Read More…]

Bloody good work

If you are a McGill student who menstruates, you’re likely familiar with those seemingly-magically-refilled little caddies in the washrooms stocking plenty of tampons and pads for those in need. The force behind these little baskets is no period fairy, mind you; rather it is the team of six McGill students[Read More…]

Are we well-informed at McGill?

In recent years, traditional media has continued its harrowing downward trajectory while audiences turn towards social media for news. On a campus like McGill’s, that emphasizes critical thinking and research skills, do students’ news-consumption habits reflect the digital age of 2024? Data from Statistics Canada in November 2023 revealed that[Read More…]

Busy hands, idle minds

“Wow, all I’ve done today is school!” If, like myself, this thought runs through your head as you walk home in the dark at 4:30 p.m., it may be time to find an after-school activity.  Learning a new skill, particularly over the course of multiple weeks, has many benefits for[Read More…]

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