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Society of Automotive Engineers set to debut cars at auto show

It was a sunny September day as students from the McGill Society of Automotive Engineers team brought their racing vehicles to OAP. These students represented four of McGill’s design teams that produced four types of vehicles: the electric snowmobile, the performance racing vehicle, the hybrid car, and the Baja All-Terrain Vehicle.

Eco-friendly fashion alternatives

The green movement has reached makeup, shampoo, and even kitty litter, and at last, eco-aware designers and companies have expanded into the world of fashion. But rather than the billowy hemp clothing last seen on tree-hugging hippies, the new designs are chic and urban – and also happen to be made from sustainable materials.

Going green

Conserve water. Leaving the tap running while brushing your teeth uses about five gallons of water, while every toilet flush uses about six and a half. Don’t leave the water running when brushing your teeth, shaving, or washing dishes, and store water in the refrigerator rather than letting the tap run every time you want a cool drink.

Sex, drugs, and exercise

Resolutions come every New Year’s, and be it losing weight, the latest diet, or just plain eating healthy, many people hope to look leaner by the year’s end. With one third of Canadians being obese, becoming healthier is an admirable resolution. Unfortunately, while many plan to skip the freezer section and throw out the take out menus, most of these resolutions will wane with Valentine’s Day chocolate.

The only Irish coffee you’ll ever need

Irish coffee combines two of life’s greatest joys – caffeine and booze – in one convenient glass. The recipe below uses Jameson whiskey both because it’s delicious and tastes slightly sweet, which compliments the coffee very nicely. There are variations of this drink that include Bailey’s, crème de menthe, spices, decorative coffee beans, and lighting things on fire at strategic moments.

Food for Thought: It’s the attack of the Killer tomatoes

It’s not always hard to be an ethical eater. I grew up on Long Island where fresh fish is easily found and organic produce comes from local farms on the east end of the island and nearby New Jersey (surprisingly fertile), and winters are relatively mild. Montreal, however, provides a distinct set of challenges to ethical eaters.

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