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Sandwiches to return to SNAX

Sandwiches will return to SNAX, following the Jan. 27 Arts Undergraduate Society of McGill University (AUS) council vote to accept the McGill administration’s letter of permission concerning the sale of sandwiches at SNAX, and the proposed Memorandum of Agreement (MoA). Council also approved a motion to restructure the hire of a vice-president (VP) Finance to involve a screening committee.

Sandwiches and SNAX

AUS President Jacob Greenspon and VP Finance Mirza Ali Shakir completed negotiations for a new MoA with McGill, and SNAX will be allowed to sell sandwiches, beginning in one to two weeks.  The agreement allowing their immediate sale was articulated in a letter of permission from McGill.

“The letter of permission […] allows SNAX to sell, on a trial basis, certain products,” Greenspon stated. “Section one says that SNAX can only sell prepackaged sandwiches, pastries, salads, vegetables […] approved by Student Housing and Hospitality Services.”

The letter of permission is a temporary document, expiring in Dec. 2016. VP External Becky Goldberg questioned whether AUS might have to renegotiate its terms of sale at a later date.

“It sounds to me that it’s not definite that if we comply with these conditions, it will be [incorporated],” Goldberg said. “It sounds like it’s at the university’s discretion.”

Greenspon expressed confidence that McGill will, in the future, respect their negotiation efforts, stating that it would be in McGill’s best interest to amend the MoA according to these conditions.

“Legally, it is at the university’s discretion,” Greenspon said.  “But politically […] I think it would be extremely difficult for them to restrict SNAX sandwiches’ sale again, especially given the demonstrations last year.

Following debate, the motion to accept the MoA and letter of permission passed.

“I know it’s far from optimal,” Arts Senator Erin Sobat said. “But from experience, this is what McGill forces us to do: jump through a lot of hoops.”

VP Finance restructuring

Council also voted in support of a constitutional amendment to the AUS electoral bylaws which would establish a VP Finance screening committee.  The committee would vet candidates for the position prior to the end of the election’s nomination period.  

“Candidates must receive a passing grade in each of the three categories of questions, from at least a two-thirds majority of the Screening Committee, in order to be eligible for election for Vice-President Finance,” reads section 8.3.4 of the bylaws.

The three categories of questions, to be conducted in identical interviews by the committee, will assess the candidates on their relative experience, their accounting ability, and their availability to work during parts of May and August to complete the audit and plan Frosh.

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