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‘Uncle’ Joe Biden meme tickles America’s funny bone

As Democrats mourn their candidate’s surprising loss in the recent presidential election, meme-viewers turn to one Ray-Ban sporting, ice cream loving, deified figure for reassurance and solace in this hard time: Vice-President Joe Biden’s meme alter-ego, ‘Uncle’ Joe. As Uncle Joe wistfully looks out onto the South Lawn, wondering if Santa Claus will know where to deliver his presents next Christmas, Democrats see a friend who understands the fear of an uncertain Trump-filled future. Uncle Joe has made the best of this trying time by concocting a series of ridiculous—yet extremely effective—pranks to play on President-elect Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton supporters can trust good old Joe to address their frustrations head-on by unnerving the incoming government with his playful antics.

Following a presidential campaign characterized by scandal, Uncle Joe has become tired of watching controversy from the sidelines. After eight years of service with the Obama administration spent creating tangible change, boosting equality, and making America more inclusive for all Americans, it’s no wonder Joe’s feeling a little bored. Donald Trump’s contentious campaign—and the outrage caused by his victory—has created the perfect opportunity for Joe to stir things up himself. Democrats find comfort knowing that one of their own also has the capacity to enact ridiculous and juvenile legislation.

[Joe] provides dissatisfied voters with immense comfort by ensuring that in spite of everything that’s happened, when Trump first sits down on his presidential throne, he will set off a whoopee cushion.

For Americans who feel disgusted by Trump’s threats to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, Uncle Joe proves that Democrats can rebel by developing their own tactics to repel unwanted Republican outsiders. What better way to discourage the new administration from moving in than by withholding the White House Wi-Fi password. In light of Trump’s preposterous accusations about Barack, or “Barry” Obama’s citizenship, Biden has resorted to tricking the president-elect into discovering that the allegations he made up just to cause uproar may actually be true. When asked the motivation behind why he planted a mysterious Kenyan passport in the Oval Office, Vice President-Biden peaked his eyes out from beneath his reflective aviators, and powerfully announced to the media, “just to mess with him.” Everyone watching the press conference from their couches in Blue states reported feeling goosebumps.

Despite his high approval ratings from registered Democrats, Joe’s mischievousness has been met with disapproval from his close pal Barry, embodied perfectly in one iconic photo of Obama, head in hands, who has responded to many of these shenanigans with a simple, yet entirely telling comeback: “Joe.” Though Obama is obliged to appear presidential, it’s clear that he, too, wishes he could support Joe in his ingenious plans. It’s with great reluctance that Obama called Pizza Hut to say, “I know Joe called and ordered 500 pizzas to be delivered on January 21, but I need you to cancel that order.”

Joe has further remedied the plight of Democrats everywhere by planting Home Alone-like booby traps to be set off by an unsuspecting Trump come January. He provides dissatisfied voters with immense comfort by ensuring that in spite of everything that’s happened, when Trump first sits down on his presidential throne, he will set off a whoopee cushion. For Clinton voters, imagining the embarrassment Trump will feel almost makes up for the unfavourable outcome of this past election.

Joe, it seems, is just the man to console the Americans who’ve lost faith in the political system. Understandably, some voters prefer to see images of JoBama ‘bro-ing’ around in the White House and sporting their friendship bracelets than read any in-depth information on government policy. Given the controversy surrounding the electoral college system, Biden has encouraged voters to petition for a Presidential Prank-Off instead of a traditional election to determine who will win the presidency in 2020. In this time of hardship and doubt, Democrats can be thankful to have whimsical Uncle Joe leading the way—whoopee cushion in hand.


Alexandra is a columnist and a U2 student studying Political Science and International Development. She is a proud Torontonian, passionate traveler, and knows all the lyrics to "Bohemian Rhapsody."



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