Life as an 1.5 generation migrant

Everyone seems to have labels for each other, often used as a means to define every characteristic of an individual. One universal label, “immigrant”, is used to define someone who comes to live permanently in a foreign country. This categorization can follow a family years after their ancestors migrated and[Read More…]

Addressing homelessness, one student at a time

Homelessness is a growing problem in Montreal, with more than half of Quebec’s homeless population living within the city’s limits. It is estimated that over 3,100 individuals are in need of shelter, food, and warm clothing. This does not account for the hidden homeless—those who are temporarily staying with family,[Read More…]

Illuminating Medical Herstory

Inequality and injustices within the healthcare system are no secret, and high-income countries are no exception. Individuals of colour, those of a lower financial or social status, and members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community are sometimes treated dismissively by healthcare practitioners. Research on the differential treatment by gender in medical settings[Read More…]

Alternative snacks near campus

Over the past two weeks, McGill students have been mourning the loss of their dear samosa sales with a candlelight vigil, social media conversations, and even a planned campus protest. With the apparent end of this campus food staple, students  are forced to either break their budgets or power through[Read More…]

Brain games for study breaks

As exams rapidly approach, individuals are often overwhelmed and struggle to keep their focus while studying. Research suggests that brain games can make for a more productive study break as these activities keep the mind active, while offering a comforting way to de-stress. Whether it be a crossword, a jigsaw[Read More…]

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