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Alternative snacks near campus

Over the past two weeks, McGill students have been mourning the loss of their dear samosa sales with a candlelight vigil, social media conversations, and even a planned campus protest. With the apparent end of this campus food staple, students  are forced to either break their budgets or power through the hunger. The McGill Tribune knows that we cannot fix the samosa-shaped hole in your heart, but here are some alternative snack options to help ease the pain. 

For finger food on campus: Vinh’s Café

Vinh’s Café offers a perfect solution to students seeking handheld food to grab between classes. The campus staple offers an assortment of Vietnamese sandwiches, desserts, pork and vegetable bao, and an affordable variety of spring rolls, all of which make for a perfect on-the-go bite. They also serve a popular phở for those seeking for a warm, sit-down meal. With two locations right on campus, one on Dr. Penfield Avenue and another in Royal Victoria College residence, Vinh’s is a great spot to spend your Flex dollars when you are in need of a quick snack in between classes. 

To refuel near campus: Pikolo Espresso Bar

Along with their delicious rotating filter coffee and espresso options, Pikolo Espresso Bar has an assortment of pastries that provide a great on-the-go snack. The café offers a variety of scones with a unique savoury selection that rotates daily, including parmesan and pepper; curry, swiss, and chive; and roasted vegetable. They also carry more traditional sweet options like blueberry, apple, and peach. Triangular like a samosa, these flaky pastries can help students forget about the samosa crisis while getting their daily coffee fix.  

For when you’re grabbing groceries: Marché Eden

A trip to this grocery store can curb hunger while knocking out that long-overdue grocery run. Located just a five-minute walk from Milton Gates, Marché Eden has a variety of organic foods and produce, both raw and cooked; the ready-made food aisle includes an assortment of great vegetarian and non-vegetarian snacks. Additionally, the market provides samosa-like finger foods, with items such as the spicy chicken arancini, Spanakopita-esque spinach rolls, and Jamaican patties with chicken, veggie, or beef filling. Marché Eden also has an abundance of empanadas in several flavours as well as their triangular kimbap. Kimbap, like samosas, are an easy-to-carry and filling snack made of rice wrapped in seaweed with savoury fillings like tuna and spicy tuna. If these options still don’t curb your sadness, Marché Eden is also one of the few downtown spots that stocks samosas.

For snacking while you shop: Eva B

Last but not least, the funky famous downtown thrift shop offers more than just affordable vintage clothing. In addition to providing shoppers with free apple cider and popcorn at the door, Eva B has its own mini café with indoor and outdoor seating. The café has affordable coffee options and does not charge for milk substitutes. Eva B also serves a variety of foods including several vegan snack options, sandwiches, burritos, and grain salads. Their classic chocolate chip and vegan chocolate cookies make for a great on-the-go sugar fix and are adored by customers. Thankfully, Eva B also serves $1 samosas which can help students fulfill their much-needed samosa fix.

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