Ghazal Azizi

Ghazal Azizi is an Iranian student journalist focused on labour relations and legal battles at McGill. She joined The Tribune in 2021 as a Contributor and later served as a News Editor from 2022-2023. Ghazal has worked on investigative pieces about donor interference on campus, produced multimedia stories about the Montreal Experiments, and inaugurated Along Party Lines—a column dedicated to unpacking local politics for young voters.

She studies political science, philosophy, and communications, and is active as a Youth Volunteer with the End Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) Canada Network. Get in touch with her at [email protected].

Posts by Ghazal Azizi

Stop skirting around the clitoris

Content Warning: Mention of sexual violence Against a red background, my mobile browser welcomes a vibrating text box that reads “clit-me.” Clicking on the arrows to view the next page, I see a fluffy white avatar that I’m instructed to customize: A clitoris. I choose a wide-eyed smiley face, a[Read More…]

Rolling the dice on academic freedom

McGill University bears the name of its founder James McGill, but this honorific was a condition tied to James’s large donations that were used to establish the institution. His gift, however, cannot be isolated from the colonial violence which produced it. He was only able to formalize the higher education[Read More…]

Charles Bronfman’s $5 million donation to MISC raises concerns about academic freedom

Statement of Retraction The original version of the article below quoted Students for Palestinian Human Rights McGill (SPHR) about Charles Bronfman’s latest donation. The quote stating that the “McGill administration [are] puppets to their Zionist donors” played into anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jewish people being “puppet masters” of institutional decisions—a trope[Read More…]

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