Igloofest preview

As January reaches its midpoint, it seems fair to assume that winter is getting to you. Going out becomes increasingly less appealing when it’s 30 degrees below zero and the icy streets make walking anywhere downright treacherous. You’re likely getting to the point where you’d much rather get cozy with[Read More…]

McGill a capella group chimes in on upcoming show

Fourth-year students, best friends, and Tonal Ecstasy lifers Tanja Nachtigall and Eleanore Catenaro—musical director and president respectively of McGill’s oldest a cappella group—are part of an eclectic singing crew. They describe Tonal Ecstasy—fondly referred to as TX—as the place where the “most random assortment of students” has grown into “a[Read More…]

Gerontophilia: an unconventional love story

Gerontophilia, the first ‘mainstream’ venture of provocative Toronto based director, writer, artist, and photographer Bruce LaBruce, is the beautifully shot story of Lake (Pier-Gabriel Lajoie), an 18-year-old gerontophile (one who is sexually attracted to the elderly) and his love affair with 82 year old Melvin (Walter Borden). In the film,[Read More…]

LOEGz – #LeagueShit

Austin, Texas-based rap collective, the League of Extraordinary Gz (LOEGz) recently geared up to release their third album, #LeagueShit, which dropped Oct. 15. The album is named in honour of recently deceased League emcee Octavis “Esbe Da 6th Street Bully” Berry, to whom the catchphrase belonged. LOEGz consists of three[Read More…]

Devon Sproule and Mike O’Neil – Colours

Ontario natives Devon Sproule and Mike O’Neil—formerly of the pop combo The Inbreds—have come together to create a record sitting somewhere on the line between upbeat pop and low-key folk. Colours is a collection of warm indie pop tracks that nicely combines Sproule’s folksy tone with O’Neil’s tendency for catchy pop.

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