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2014 holiday wish list

I wish that the Knicks master the triangle offense and the Zen Master brings in a competent partner for over-used Melo; for the Red Bulls to convince superman Thierry Henry to stay on board until he’s 50; and for the Giants to stop being associated with the terms “losing streak” or “downward spiral.” —Nicholas Jasinski

My rather lofty wish is for my beloved Toronto Maple Leafs make the playoffs on the back of stellar goaltending from Jonathan Bernier, moulding him into dark horse contender for the Vezina. And if that’s not possible, I want the Leafs to draft Connor McDavid and develop him properly (because the Leafs have a horrible track record of ruining decent prospects or trading them away before they get good—Tuukka Rask anyone?) —Nicole Spadotto

For as long as I can remember, it has been very little fun to cheer for Toronto sports teams. My wish for 2015 is simple: That Drake–the obvious key to the Raptors’ recent success–is named Global Ambassador for all of Toronto’s franchises, immediately putting each team on the path to glory. ­—Wyatt Fine-Gagné

I wish for the Buffalo to beat the Patriots during their last face-off of the season. But I’m not a little girl anymore. I know not all dreams come true, so instead all I want is for them to lose by 10 points or less. —Morgan Alexander

I wish for Adam Lind to be bullied by Ryan Braun and the rest of his new teammates on the Milwuakee Brewers until he comes running home to his real fans in Toronto. Sorry Jonathan Lucroy, I know you’re a nice guy deep down. —Elie Waitzer

I wish for rumours of beef between Marshawn Lynch and the Seahawks team to be put to rest. I wish the beautiful, doe-eyed Russell Wilson improvement in his passing game. I wish Seattle the best of luck in San Francisco this Thursday and send Doug Baldwin Jr. my love and best wishes this holiday season. —Jess Fu

All I wish for in the new year is for the Brooklyn Nets to finish above .500 and make the playoffs in the atrocious Eastern Conference. I’ve decided that having low expectations is the only way to be satisfied with the performance of the most expensive team in basketball—the Nets have taught me that money doesn’t buy wins or happiness, only injuries and disappointment. —Mayaz Alam

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