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2020 NBA All-Star mock draft

The 2020 NBA All-Star Game draft may have come and gone, but The McGill Tribune thinks that things could and should have gone differently. Here’s a look at two alternate teams from the Tribune sports section. 


Team LeBron

Alec Regino

Bearing in mind the dynamic new format for the All-Star Game this year, Team LeBron is built for the playful, buddy-buddy nature. But do not be fooled—there are two clear reasons why LeBron’s team has won in the past: Raw talent and strong bonds. I’ll be drafting players with the understanding that LeBron’s previous success has been predicated on team chemistry.

First Round: Starters

Anthony Davis (pick #1)

I can’t imagine the fall out from not drafting your all-star teammate with your first pick. With their chemistry on the Lakers, the James-Davis one-two punch combo is simply too good to pass up. 

James Harden (#3)

The league’s leading scorer—averaging an astronomical 35.4 PPG—is an obvious choice for LeBron’s second pick: The All-Star Game is about getting buckets, and that is what Harden does.

Pascal Siakam (#5)

Pascal Siakam has had a career year following the loss of Kawhi to the Clippers. LeBron will be betting on the first-time all-star relishing the opportunity to put the clamps down on his former teammate in front of the league’s best players. 

Trae Young (#7)

While fun, Trae Young is just not on the same level as the other starters. At the very least, we will get to see what Young can do when he shares the court with talent that will make up for his defensive deficiencies.

Second Round: Reserves

Damian Lillard (#10), Ben Simmons (#12), Chris Paul (#14), Jayson Tatum (#16), Bam Adebayo (#18), Nikola Jokic (#20).

The Final Pick

Russell Westbrook (#22)

While LeBron would love to watch Westbrook chuck up terrible three-pointers or stomp down the lane and draw an offensive foul, he probably wants to win this game, so Westbrook gets picked last.


Team Giannis 

Adam Burton

Ever since losing to the Raptors in the 2019 Eastern Conference Finals, Giannis has been on a warpath to prove that he is the best player in the league. His loss in last year’s All-Star Game is sure to have him scouring for hours in preparation for this year’s draft. With that in mind, I’ll be picking players most suited to Giannis’s dominant, high tempo, slash-and-kick offence. 

First Round: Starters

Kawhi Leonard (#2)

Fresh off a Finals victory, Kawhi is arguably the best player in the league. Giannis will need his incredibly efficient and overwhelmingly precise skills on both offence and defence. 

Luka Dončić  (#4)

Dončić is not just an unprecedented offensive talent; he is a symbol of the rising tide of young players that is slowly but surely flooding the league, harkening a new era of basketball. Giannis will be sure to include the second-year phenom as his deadly starting shooting guard.

Kemba Walker (#6)

Ever since his tenure began in Boston, fans would be hard-pressed to find a teammate that has anything bad to say about Walker. This is not hard to believe considering that he had the “good vibes Celtics” all over for Thanksgiving. In addition to being a straight-up good guy, Walker is also an elite point guard, capable of passing and scoring with a quick style of play that will take Team Giannis to the next level.

Joel Embiid (#8)

Despite his offensive production and health inconsistencies, Embiid has moments where he looks like the most dominant centre since Shaquille O’Neal. Considering the notoriety of the All-Star  Game, Embiid will be sure to bring his A-game.

Second Round: Reserves

Khris Middleton (#9), Jimmy Butler (#11), Kyle Lowry (#13), Brandon Ingram (#15), Domantas Sabonis (#17), Donovan Mitchell (#19).

The Final Pick

Rudy Gobert (#21)

Let’s face it: The All Star game isn’t a show of defensive abilities. Unfortunately for Gobert, that is most of what he brings to the table. While his talents definitely merit him a spot on the team, Gobert probably won’t see much playing time.

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