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Word on the Y: What is the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

As October comes to a close, McGill students are setting aside their textbooks to celebrate Halloween. This week, The McGill Tribune asked McGill students passing by the Y-Intersection about their most creative, spooky, or cringe-worthy Halloween costumes.

Sheree Marshall, U2 Psychology

“I don’t know if there are any Walking Dead fans, but last year I had braids and went as Michonne. I feel like if you watch The Walking Dead you will appreciate that, but if you don’t you are just like, ‘Are you Jack Sparrow?’”



Melissa Kuch, U0 Arts

“A tree. My mom knew it was a bad idea and then October came and I was like I’m going to be a tree.”



Jay Rajpal, U3 Philosophy

“I was a kissing booth in Grade 12. It was covered in construction paper. It had two flaps for doors in front of it and it said, ‘Kisses: 25 cents’ on the top. I got kisses that day, but it didn’t make it into the yearbook just because of school policy.”


Emma Cornelius, U1 Arts

“I’m not that quirky. I just have dressed up in a cat onesie a couple years in a row.”




Robbie Buderi (left) and Adam Rutledge (right) (Flaminia Cooper / The McGill Tribune) 



Robbie Buderi, U4 Double Major Psychology and Computer Science

“This year I am going to be Tyrion Lannister.”

Adam Rutledge, U4 Political Science

“At the age of eleven, I was Hugh Hefner. I had a custom robe and everything and I had a pipe at school [….] It was my mom’s [idea] and I spray painted my hair white.”


Eve-Marie Boileau, U4 Music Education

“Every year I dress up as Minnie Mouse [….] I teach music to little children, so every year I put on my Minnie Mouse costume and they love it.”






Kimya Adgedani (left) and Luca Cuccia (right)



Kimya Adgedani, U1 Pharmacology

“In grade seven, I was a crayon and I thought it was really funny. It was awful.”

Luca Cuccia, U1 Pharmacology

“I’m being Hawaiian Punch this year. I’m just wearing my Hawaiian shirt and my boxing gloves. The bad pun route is always safe.”


Shiuesandhosh Damodhain,  Second year Masters in Civil Engineering

“I think I will probably be a vampire. I went to a cool thrift store and bought a cape. I’m actually not excited [about dressing up], I have a lot of work. I’m more excited about meeting new people and looking at people with new costumes.”


Francisca Shaw, U4 Nursing

“My friend made bat wings out of garbage bags. I need something for tonight so I’m thinking about the garbage bags.”

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