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Adults need Halloween, too

Being a grown-up is really hard. Any young adult can attest that our first encounters with personal finances, heartbreak, and aging parents can be downright scary. The real world is indeed a frightful place, rife with political instability, wildfires, and unexpected ways to die. The idea of having a specific[Read More…]

Word on the Y: What is the best Halloween costume you’ve ever worn?

As October comes to a close, McGill students are setting aside their textbooks to celebrate Halloween. This week, The McGill Tribune asked McGill students passing by the Y-Intersection about their most creative, spooky, or cringe-worthy Halloween costumes. Sheree Marshall, U2 Psychology “I don’t know if there are any Walking Dead fans,[Read More…]

Searching for the perfect fit

Halloween is fast approaching, and so is the need to find the perfect costume. With midterms, it’s no surprise that students have little time to search for the ideal costume. Read below to discover a list of stores near campus for last-minute Halloween costumes. EVA B 2015 Saint-Laurent This gem[Read More…]

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