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Get cooking: Five recipe channels to let out your inner MasterChef

With countless day-to-day academic and social responsibilities, spending time buying groceries, deciding what to cook, and then actually preparing a well-balanced, nutritious meal can be an arduous task for students. To cater to those difficulties, online student-cooking outlets have sprouted up. The McGill Tribune has compiled a diverse list of cooking YouTube channels that break down how to make easy meals.

Spoon University

This channel has built a loyal fanbase with its quick and easy tutorials fit for cramped dorm kitchens. The videos range from a couple of seconds to a minute and a half in length, and the ingredients used in every recipe are pantry staples likely to be in any university student’s cupboard. They require little to no background in cooking, making them ideal for novices. Designed for undergraduates, these effortless meals will still give you a sense of gratification after a long night at the library.

HealthNut Nutrition

Those inspired to curate an aesthetically-pleasing lifestyle should follow HealthNut Nutrition. The channel is run by the passionate and health-conscious Nikole, who encourages her viewers to maintain healthy habits by showing them how easy it can be. Her channel also features some lifestyle commentary like “Morning Green Smoothie Recipe, Fears about Public Speaking and Yoga Event” and “A Week in My Life.” Some of the channel’s most popular videos include food life-hacks such as “20 Healthy Food Swaps” and “How to eat Chia Seeds- 3 ways.”


Probably the most famous and sweetest channel on the list is Tasty; no student on Facebook has yet to come across one of these irresistible recipes during their hours of procrastination on social media. This channel is well-suited for sugar lovers, kitchen whizzes and complete culinary newbies alike. Tasty makes a point of using accessible, and, for the most part, cheap ingredients to create delicious-looking dishes that range from “creamy and satisfying pasta recipes” to a cinnamon roll apple pie.

Spain on a Fork

If you’re looking for a recipe channel that doubles as a step-by-step guide on how to cook a diverse cuisine outside of your comfort zone, then Spain on a Fork is your new go-to culinary channel. The YouTube page, run by a Spanish-born American, offers a guide to Spanish cuisine in an affordable and approachable way. Featuring tutorials on how to make the nation’s most beloved dishes, these videos aim to educate viewers on the wonders of Spanish cuisine. Students can learn to appreciate Spanish culture by making anything from a traditional tortilla de patatas to an abundant plate of paella. There’s no better way to learn about a culture than by enjoying some fine, homemade cuisine.


As the handle suggests, this channel shares vegan recipes; however, Nikkivegan stands out for its colourful feed and its emphasis on affordability. The creator, Nicole Vranjican, regularly highlights vegan recipes that are accessible to a broad range of people by ensuring that they use common and budget-friendly ingredients to produce nutrient-rich recipes. She also believes in the art of balance and treating yourself while staying fit. In one of her most popular videos, Nicole even touches on how one can stay healthy on a lazy day, giving her viewers no excuse to eat junk food. Visit her channel to stay motivated while maintaining a flexible, nutritious diet.


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