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Moving into a dorm room is a transition most university students will go through—shifting from the comforts of home to the box-shaped rooms that are the norm here at McGill.

Many students feel quite disillusioned when taking the first step into their blank room on move-in day, a gutting feeling amplified by the fact that everything can seem so unfamiliar. Luckily, this can be changed. Your room is going to be your haven for the next eight months, so you might as well make it feel like home. These are some easy and frugal dorm room décor ideas to spice up your dorm room.


Add some pictures of your friends, family, and pets. Black’s PhotoCentre provides a service that will print out anything from files on a USB to pictures on Facebook and Instagram. It’s easy to feel a little homesick when coming to university for the first time, so having these visuals can serve as not only decorative but for uplifting purposes as well. You can also spice up the walls with posters, available  at stores like Chapters, or HMV. Finally, a classic way to liven up your dorm room is by hanging a tapestry, which can immediately add character and vibrant colours to your room. You can find tapestries of different colours and patterns at Urban Outfitters, as well as in many thrift shops around Montreal.


Storage space in dorm rooms is often very limited. Bed-risers can create more area for storage, as they add extra space under your bed without creating clutter in your room. An easy way to get bed-risers is to visit Canadian Tire or order them online, which sells some varieties at just $12.


Carpets and rugs are a great way to decorate your room by acting as both a focal piece and a functional bit of décor. They not only add colour and a sense of home to plain floors, but are extremely comfortable and add much-needed warmth during Montreal’s infamous winters.

Bed Décor

Your bed is one of the key items in your dorm room, which means that decorating it should be a priority. An easy way to brighten up a plain dorm room is to add a touch of warmth with cushions, comforters, and blankets. You can also think of your headboard as a blank canvas. You can cover it with fabric, throw a blanket over it to add a sense of coziness, brighten it by using a rug or tapestry or just decorate it with some scrapbook paper.

Christmas lights

Adding Christmas lights to your room is an inexpensive and fun way to make your room feel cozier and warmer. There are countless ways that you can string up the lights on walls, ceilings, or headboards. You can find Christmas lights in various locations such as Canadian Tire or Target for less than $15 per set.

Dry-erase board

These are extremely useful for students. Making the transition to university is difficult when it comes to adjusting to a new schedule and creating new habits—which is why a dry-erase calendar can be so helpful. It provides a clear visual calendar that is easy to add to and erase. A dry erase board will add some fun to your room, whether it be through friends writing uplifting notes, or just having a space to doodle on. This will always be useful, and will be a great staple for your room.

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