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McGill lingo 101

As a university renowned for its English and Linguistics departments, it should come as no surprise that McGill students put linguistic theories into practice. Within the confines of the Milton and Roddick Gates students might hear a language that vaguely sounds like English, but the words and phrases seem foreign. No more!

‘Moses (npl) : Happiness in the form of tiny fried potato triangles. Chased down with a Sleeman and a Roddick Roast, these highly-nutritious snacks make up the bulk of a McGillian’s diet.

“I used to feel bad about having three ‘moses for lunch every single day, but they’re all sold for charity! Do you think I can use it as a tax-write off?”

Gerts (n) : Where students go before, during, and after class to get over failures and make themselves feel happy. Unfortunately, Gerts is no more, at least temporarily, and students cannot make terrible alcohol-induced decisions on campus.

“I saw her snaps and she was eight shots-deep at midnight! Gotta love those $2 shots! #GertsTillItHurts

Study (v) : Alternating between setting up stationery, Tindering, chugging coffee, and complaining about the amount of work a professor has assigned.

“I was studying from 8 p.m. until 3 a.m. last night and managed to finish five whole pages of a reading!”

Campus (n) : Short for Cafe Campus, a hub for all kinds of debauchery, known particularly for its Mardis Retro and throngs of innocent first-years attempting to grind. It’s also known for pleasing parents, as they love the fact that their children are still on campus at three in the morning.

“I had to change my schedule because I had an 8:30 on Wednesdays … Can’t skip Campus!”

Open Air Pub (OAP) (n) : McGill’s way of bringing all of your exes and past hookups together in one place overflowing with cheap alcohol and even cheaper food. It also serves as a way for students to test their motivation to attend classes.

“I spent OAP hiding behind a tree because, apparently, my friend-with-benefits and my ex are best friends who spend all their money on Sapporo.”

Concordia (n) : The enemy.

“He was honestly the perfect guy–smart, funny, good-looking, and interesting—but he goes to Concordia, so I had to dump him.”

Add/drop period (n) : A time of year when McGillians find themselves at trashy clubs, well past midnight, every single night. One might spend this time trying to get into that class that seemed really interesting on the eCalendar and that drew them to McGill in the first place. Unfortunately, it won’t be offered in the 2018-19 academic year.

“I was at Tokyo yesterday and got into Apartment 200 tonight. It’s add/drop, so who cares about classes? I’m going to do a couple shots and drop my 8:30 tomorrow.”

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