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McGill-themed Halloween costumes: 2021 Edition

With Halloween just around the corner, The McGill Tribune offers you nine McGill-themed costumes that are sure to set you apart from other party-goers. 

1. Cloudberry

A star of the McGill Reddit thread, this albino squirrel has become somewhat of a mythical creature at McGill, with a sighting guaranteed to bring you good luck. Throw on a long fluffy white jacket to achieve the look. For an eerie take on this costume, opt for some red contact lenses (though it is debatable whether red-eyed albino squirrels are of the same family as the beloved Cloudberry).

2. Vegan hot dog 

Though Hot Dog Mobile sells a variety of hotdogs—from polish sausages to jumbo hot dogs—the vegan hot dog remains a favourite among McGill students. Just hit up your local costume shop and pick up a hot dog costume, but be sure to customize it with the classic toppings we know and love (and if you’re feeling brave, include sauerkraut). Remember to indicate somewhere that you are dressed as a vegan hot dog in order to distinguish yourself from other hot-dog-costume-wearing people whose costumes aren’t as ethically sourced as yours.

3. Dispatch Barista

Known for their iconic hipster, nonchalant style, Dispatch baristas are an excellent source of costume inspiration. Simply grab a beanie, a pair of overalls—the more industrial the better, and holes in the denim are an added bonus— and some ironically hipster glasses, and you’re good to go. Head to a bar and people are sure to think they’ve spotted the sixth member of The Backstreet Boys during their golden age in the ‘90s.

4. Chris Buddle

The legend who got us through a tough time with his speeches and Q&A sessions via Instagram Live certainly deserves to be honoured in costume. Throw on a page boy hat and some wide-rimmed glasses to achieve the look. Bonus: If you have a beard, see if you can groom it as immaculately as Buddle does (Just kidding, we all know it’s impossible to emulate perfectly).

5. Classics Major

No one can top classics majors’ dark academia aesthetic. Pull on a crisp button down and layer it under a sweater vest and you’ll be sure to have people thinking you just stepped out of The Secret History. Remember, when it comes to classics, it’s all about layering. See how many sweaters you can fit on top of one another. For a more traditional route, simply throw on a toga.

6. Desautels Chad

Anyone can pull off the Desautels Chad look if they have enough confidence. Though a suit is an asset, all that is really needed is a passion for the stock market and an enthusiasm for discussing your latest bitcoin purchases. Pro-tip: A Peaky Blinders haircut will also do the trick.

7. Skeleton from Anatomy Lab 

This costume is really a two-in-one. Arts students will think you’re dressed as Phoebe Bridgers, but those in science will know the truth. However, if you ask an anatomy major they’ll likely say that the scariest thing about anatomy labs isn’t the skeletons, but the assignments. 

8. Orange dot on myCourses 

The apple of our eyes, this menacing dot signals ominous futures. Put on a dark orange shirt and beanie to strike fear in onlookers’ eyes. Though you might repel your friends with this costume because of how lame you’ll look, the orange dot works its magic anyways. 

9. The mysterious box on the steps of Arts 

Too soon? If you’re daring, tie two bands of rope onto a box large enough to step inside and become the harbinger of drama on campus. For an added dynamic element to your costume, walk through the streets performing the classic mime act: Stuck in a box. People will be confused, but such is the sign of a successful showing. 

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