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Serving sushi with love

With the holidays just around the corner, many students will start to miss the comfort of coming home to a nice family meal. Maggie Yu and chef Kiki Ju, the owners of Parc Sushi, are dedicated to recreating this atmosphere by providing high quality sushi in an intimate setting.

“[Ju] worked for different sushi restaurants, [like] K2 and Sushi Palace, [that] are all-you-can-eat,” Yu said. “Personally, I don’t like [that] because it’s not like 30 years ago where we have to eat a lot, now we need healthy food. [It should be] about the quality. We make our sushi with love.” 

Yu and Ju are focused on quality. Their menu is limited, with a precise selection of fresh and tasty rolls and nigiri, making their sushi an affordable and well-made choice.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Parc Sushi is that the couple runs the operation out of their old apartment, a choice that was influenced by their desire to foster a sense of community among customers. 

“Last year, we moved to a new home, and this place became vacant, and we wanted to do something for the neighbourhood so we decided to open a sushi takeout,” Yu said.

The couple’s decision to operate out of their old house is also influenced by their desire to replicate the hospitality of Yu’s mother.

“Whenever I had friends [over as a child], my mom [was] very generous,” Yu said. “She would cook the food, and we would enjoy [it] and laugh [….] This [atmosphere] is something I want to share [through] my business.”

Customers will definitely feel as though they are eating at home, waiting in the owners’ former living room as Ju prepares fresh sushi. Yu and Ju create a friendly environment, taking the time to chat with and get to know their customers.

“All of my customers become friends, [so] I am really touched,” Yu said. “It’s not just about the business, it’s not just the money. We really don’t charge a lot for the food we are making. It’s just a simple idea to share food with our neighbourhood and friends.” 

Parc Sushi opened for business in May 2019. Though still new, its reputation is growing, and Yu has several ideas for the future of the takeout store, including additional seating. 

“Because now it is a takeout, people cannot really enjoy their food here,” Yu said. “Next year, I want to put some tables and chairs, so people can sit and enjoy the sushi here.”

In the future, Yu also hopes to form stronger links with people within her community. 

“I want them to feel at home, […] have some sushi and talk to me [or] have a cup of tea and warm up,” Yu said.

Because they are in charge of their own hours, the couple can also spend more time with their daughter. 

“My daughter [used to] sometimes ask me, ‘What is Baba doing?’ Before, he worked everyday, especially during weekends,” Yu said.

Parc Sushi is a unique, affordable sushi spot worth visiting, mixing intimate service with professional dishes. 

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