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Where to find the perfect iced coffee

A few weeks ago, Montreal’s temperatures peaked at 16 degrees, awakening the insatiable and overpowering urge to get an iced coffee from deep within us. It’s a normal response for any caffeine-driven student, even though the blissful warmth only lasted a day. So, here are our recommendations for iced coffee near(ish) campus. 


10 minutes on foot

Mintar has quickly become our go-to coffee place. It’s close to campus, has a relaxing vibe perfect for finishing an assignment, and has a great selection of food and drinks. Their iced latte, made with either regular, soy, almond, or oat milk, is a real star in its own right, and while you can add syrups, it might only take away from the flavour. The real show-stopper is their caffè crema, which is coming back soon. And for an added treat, you’ll get to support a Palestinian-owned business in the process.


10 minutes on foot

If you’re looking for an iced coffee that’s both delicious and unique, Cafe RÌ YUÈ is a great choice. Though we only sampled their basic iced latte, the café’s other flavour options, including dalgona, osmanthus, and sesame, have us champing at the bit to go back. You can replace the milk with plant-based alternatives for 50 cents, and if you already reached your caffeine limit for the day, they have an extensive offering of cold non-coffee drinks. We took our coffees to go, but highly recommend taking the time to enjoy the adorable tableware, the immaculate vibes, and the stunning cakes. 

Leaves House Café 

5 minutes on foot

If you’re in the mood for something plant-based, Leaves House is a perfect option close to campus. It’s even better if you usually feel constrained by the small variety of iced coffee options at cafés: All of their drinks, from coffees to hōjicha super-lattes, can be upgraded to an iced version for free, and you can choose from five varieties of oat, macadamia, or pistachio milk (we’ll definitely be trying the last one soon). Take a break from McGill in their light and airy study space, perfect for clearing your mind and regenerating your energy. 

Café Chato 

15 minutes by metro

When your group project is getting too irritating and you need a break from other people, head to this cozy spot near the Verdun metro station. Café Chato is a vegetarian café and more importantly, a space for rescue cats looking for a new family. They offer an extensive menu of cold beverages and their iced latte is sure to hit the spot. It’s a great spot to take a break, pet some cats, and relax. Keep in mind, the weekends tend to be busy with families and kids, so going on a weekday might be more enjoyable. 

Café Milano

45 minutes by metro and bus

You’ve been on campus all day, shifting between lecture halls and libraries, and you can’t bear the thought of spending another minute in the McGill bubble. Not to worry: The East End is calling your name, and we think you should answer. While the commute might be daunting, Café Milano in St-Leonard is totally worth it, if only for their caffè crema. Think of it as a frapp, but Italian and better in every way. As a bonus, you get to explore Montreal’s changing urban morphology as you ride the bus eastward. 

Honourable mention: Tim Hortons

A few issues ago, when recommending places to get soup near campus, we named Tim Hortons as the place to avoid. While we stand by what we said, we think Timmies deserves a redemption arc. When you’re in a pinch and on a budget, our national treasure has everything to offer. Choose from varieties of flavoured or plain cold brews and iced lattes, or opt for an Iced Capp to bring a nostalgic summer vibe to your study session. Good thing they don’t make iced versions of their soups. 

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