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Winter and warmth go hand in hand

As the frigid weather relentlessly persists, McGill students can have trouble dressing for the cold temperatures. It can be particularly hard to strike a balance between looking stylish and keeping warm. To help, The McGill Tribune has detailed some ways in which students can keep warm while looking presentable.

Colourful tights underneath boyfriend jeans

To manage during the cold winter months, try layering a pair of tights or long underwear underneath loose-fitting jeans. An additional layer keeps students’ ankles covered from the cold wind and can act as an additional protective barrier from the harsh weather. Mathilde Hourticq, U2 Arts, wears colourful tights underneath her pants every day for additional warmth and style.

“Wearing tights under your jeans really makes that crucial difference between being warm or cold all day,” Hourticq said. “Not only are they warm, […but you can also] find really cool ways to style your tights under jeans and really make a statement out of it.”

By wearing slightly cropped jeans that show the bottom of a colourful pair of tights, students are able to experiment with clothing while staying warm.

Mittens instead of gloves

Mittens are a much warmer option than gloves to keep students’ hands snug. Mittens are more insulating, because fingers generate greater body heat when they are not separated by fabric. Chloe Lacombe, U1 Arts, never leaves her house without her mittens.

“I would have to say that my favourite thing to wear in the winter is my mittens,” Lacombe said. “Whether I need to take a phone call and hold my phone, or my hands won’t fit in my pockets, having my mittens on me at all times has helped me avoid frostbite many times.”  

While many consider mittens to be juvenile, they can appear more sophisticated in darker colours.  

Blanket scarves

A large blanket scarf can protect students’ necks and faces from the stinging wind. Zach Billick, U0 Arts, has found that scarves are an easy way to stay warm in the winter.

“I think wearing a scarf in the winter is important because it covers your face, your nose and your neck,” Billick said. “You can get pretty [bad] frostbite if you don’t wear a scarf, and, its fashionable.”

Not only do they serve as a great wind protector, but once inside, blanket scarves can double as shawls inside McGill’s chilly buildings.

Waterproof boots

Having waterproof boots is one of the most effective ways to stay warm and safe during the negative weather in Montreal. Though layering socks and wearing warm boots can help students stay warm and dry on snowy days, it is also important for students to invest in a pair of waterproof boots to keep their feet dry. Makenzie Akeson, U2 Nursing, wears roomy, waterproof boots that allow her to layer her socks underneath.

“I like to wear the waterproof UGGs because they are lined with fur but still do not get wet inside,” Akeson said. “On top of that, even though my boots are waterproof, I think it is essential to wear two pairs of socks for that extra layer of warmth.”  

Many students have difficulty finding warm boots that are affordable. To that end, a pair of rain boots with good traction are worth the investment, since students can wear them almost year-round. While galoshes are not often insulated, several companies make inserts that are designed for winter weather and come in wide ranges of colours and designs.

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