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Put your phone down!

A Jan. 12 Globe and Mail editorial warned smartphone users of the dangers of overusing their phones; however, its conclusions were less than satisfying. The Globe proposed that the government look into the addictive qualities and other consequences of phone use. Yet, there is already a large amount of research into the health[Read More…]

Notman House hosts Masters of Code hackathon

“Develop the greatest digitally connected application [or] solution that will profoundly alter your connected life.” This was the problem presented at the MasterCard Masters of Code hackathon this weekend. Stretching from Saturday to Sunday afternoon, the challenge attracted roughly 100 developers, designers, and tech enthusiasts to Notman House, Montreal’s hub[Read More…]

This summer’s hottest apps

It’s important to remember that summer extends beyond the inevitable approach of tank tops, jorts, and Ray-Bans. Here are the Tribune’s picks of apps to augment the summer experience, whether it’s a soul-searching trip to South East Asia, one last road trip with friends after graduation, or the familiar comfort[Read More…]

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