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Basic income tightens the belts of the most vulnerable

The premier of Quebec, Philippe Couillard, has announced he was “serious” about implementing an unconditional basic income for all Quebec residents. This universal basic income, inspired by countries such as Finland, would replace all of the government’s current aid in revenue, such as welfare and tax credits. The Quebec Minister[Read More…]

Editorial: Deregulation at McGill should not necessitate an increase in international student tuition

The Quebec government recently announced a new round of budget cuts to university funding for the 2016-2017 academic year. As a means of mitigating the blow, however, the government is rumoured to also have given Quebec universities the green light to raise tuition for international students to the tune of up[Read More…]

SSMU, Anti-Austerity McGill stand in solidarity with Quebec teachers’ unions

On Sept. 30, around 34,000 supporters of the  Fédération Autonome de l’Enseignement (FAE) protested austerity measures imposed by the Quebec government by marching to Square Victoria. The FAE represents eight teachers’ unions, and encompasses teachers from elementary and high schools in Montreal and its surrounding region.  The 2015-2016 provincial budget[Read More…]

Inaugural Anti-Austerity Week aims to educate students

The Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) held its first ever Anti-Austerity Week Sept. 14 through 18. According to SSMU Vice-President (VP) External Affairs Emily Boytinck, the events and workshops were intended to educate the McGill community.  “The purpose of Anti-Austerity Week was to develop baseline public education for folks[Read More…]

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