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A student’s take on SSMU elections

Two weeks ago the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) bylection for Vice-President (VP) Internal turned ugly… again. SSMU elections have been a source of controversy for years with the most recent one marred by a particularly malicious online culture. While much of the student body is generally disenchanted and[Read More…]

Confirmation bias on social media limits conversation

Between Facebook posts, online publications, and Reddit threads, it is overwhelming to begin to imagine the amount of different opinions, ideas, and information a regular internet-user processes in a single day. Consequently, the digital age is heralded for supposedly allowing people to become educated on a broad assortment of topics[Read More…]

The changing face of internet anonymity on campus

There is no shortage of anonymous online communities on a university campus, whether it be the updates of ‘spotted’ individuals engaging in out-of-the-ordinary behaviour, the online personas or usernames that mask real names on forums and discussion groups, or mobile applications like Yik Yak, an anonymous feed of posts from[Read More…]

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