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Since she began contributing to the Tribune during the Winter 2021 semester, Madison has been captivated by journalism. She was originally a contributor to the News section but quickly became a News editor as she wanted to be more involved in the publication process. Madison is now the managing editor of the News and the Science & Technology sections. Though the Tribune has become her focus and passion, she is working towards a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science and History, which she is on schedule to finish in Winter 2023.

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Post-referendum debate erupts among LSA members over lack of clarity and implications of constitutional amendments

After a brief campaign and voting period, the McGill Law Students Association (LSA) announced on March 14 that a change requiring a supermajority—two-thirds of voters—to pass a strike was rejected. Despite the referendum question’s failure to pass, many students are still confused about the implications of the constitutional amendment and[Read More…]

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