If these stalls could talk

As the year comes to a close, we at The Tribune have been reflecting, and one topic of our reflection has been the hallowed bathroom stalls across campus. But what does your go-to bathroom say about you? Leacock basement bathroom  You’re an Arts student, but that’s just your part-time gig.[Read More…]

Your guide to student elections

Election season always creeps up sooner than you expect it to. Throughout April, clubs, services, and offices all over campus are recruiting new executives, and students are thrown into the frenzy of student election season. Bulletin boards fill with posters, Instagram stories become base camp for campaigns, and CVs everywhere[Read More…]

Celebrating Black Hollywood—even if the Oscars won’t 

Ryan Coogler. Viola Davis. Keke Palmer. This sounds like the line-up for the next tear-jerking, mind-bending, oh-she’s-acting-acting film, right? Unfortunately, not. It’s a small—and I mean SMALL—portion of the list of Black actors left out of this year’s Oscar nominations and ensuing celebration. Maybe you’ll remember the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, which[Read More…]

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