McGill Sports Briefs – April 1

Badminton, Bro At 5’4”, Percy Shuttlecoque doesn’t exactly have the ideal build for a varsity badminton player. But what he lacks in size he makes up in finesse. With an arm like a whip, Shuttlecoque can fire the birdy anywhere on theabadminton court with ease. Along with an impressive vertical[Read More…]

Researchers at McBill use embryonic stem cells to successfully clone HMB

On Mar. 27, McBill’s Mad Scientists Lab (MSL) scrapped their plans to cure cancer butinstead developed induced pluripotent stem cells that were ultimately used to create a fully-developed clone of former McBill principal Heather Munroe-Blossom (HMB). Aya Misou, the coordinator behind the project, explained that after many anonymous requests from[Read More…]

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