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Searching for the perfect fit

Halloween is fast approaching, and so is the need to find the perfect costume. With midterms, it’s no surprise that students have little time to search for the ideal costume. Read below to discover a list of stores near campus for last-minute Halloween costumes.

2015 Saint-Laurent

This gem of a store is a wonderland of thrifting treasures. It consists of three floors and offers clothing, costumes, a bar, a sitting area, and a stage for shows. As customers walk in, they are greeted with free tea and seasoned popcorn. While it may seem like the store is overwhelming given the quantity of goods offered, Eva B is strategically set up, with the clothes and costumes organized in such a way that individuals have an easy time browsing for items.  There is a floor dedicated to costumes, with wigs, masks, mustaches, gloves, full costume pieces, and more. The store also provides costume rentals. Even those who enter Eva B without a clue of what costume they want are bound to come out with a costume in hand. The pricing of items is extremely reasonable, and prices go as low as $1. Employees are friendly and helpful, and the ambiance of the store is quirky, creative, and positive. In fact, for the weeks leading up to Halloween, employees are dressed up in their own choices of costume, enhancing the inspiration that Eva B seeks to give its customers.

LOL Party Centre
3715 Saint-Laurent

This store offers party supplies and costumes all year. LOL Party Centre is the store for those who are searching for an easy costume that is generic, yet still a party classic. Offering a rack of masks and an aisle dedicated to costumes for males, females, and children, this store has a wide array of choices and accessories for last-minute costumes. Moreover, for those who want to get a full costume without having to worry about buying different pieces for the costume, this store offers full costume pieces that range from $20-$80. 

3966 Saint-Laurent

This shop is perfect to find pieces to compile a unique costume for Halloween. There are a large variety of styles and sizes for both men and women, with high quality items. The pricing is great for students who wish to spend less, with items available for as low as $5. The store is neatly organized—making it easy to navigate through—and the store owner is friendly and helpful. These high-quality vintage items are perfect when dressing as an iconic character from movie classics, and will guarantee a unique costume that no one else will have.  The outfits purchased are not exclusively set out for the Halloween season—there are accessories to dress it up or down for other occasions as well. This is a great store to explore and seek out costumes that will give an edge to your costume at a party, and ensure that there will not be a clash of outfits.

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